Use MoEfficient Macros to pull data from your spreadsheets and enter it into your database just as you would! Speeding up your workflow and saving you time! 

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MoEfficient Macro Magic Application. Program Open. Running 
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Macro Sequence Editior. The Macro Sequence Editor is the main workspace of your macro. The large box at the top displays your macro as a list of events. The user can select individual events and choose to insert new events or remove exhisting ones.
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Keyboard Input. The on screen keyboard input is used to edit and create macros. All standard keys for Windows PC's have been included. Simply press any of the bottons in the Keyboard Input area and the corresponding key will be added to your macro!
Mouse Input .Mouse Buttons lets you click-add mouse clicks to your macro! First fill in the X or Y coordinates and then press one of the L,M,R buttons for Left, Middle and Right mouse button clicks. Get Mouse Position retrieves the system mouse position for your reference when making manual macros. Pressing Space or the space button will enter the current mouse position into the X and Y fields in the Mouse Buttons section. Scale Output allows you to adjust the mouse position when the macro is being played. Mouse Misc. Record your mouse movement whe the option of changing delay between mouse captures
Add a delay. This feature lets you add time between macro events when the macro is being played. The L and H fields represent a low and high value in milliseconds. For example, 500 in both fields will a 500 millisecond wait between events. No if the L field is less than the H field, then your macro will wait a random time between L and H each time the macro is played.
Quick Macros. Quick Macros allow you to launch any of your saved macros at the press of two keys! MoEfficient Macro Magic will play Quick Macros even when minimized. Simply press Ctrl+# where # is any of the number keys on your keyboard and watch MoEfficient Macro Magic do the work! The file name listed in each Quick Macro edit box will be loaded and played immediately.

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  System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7 or newer Windows Operating system.
CPU: Intel or AMD processor with 1.0ghz or greater.
RAM: 512mb
HDD/USB: 64mb

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